Not so much Khajiit, more so Dragon.


Khajiit evloves into….. Poof! Dragon!


Character Name: Jo’Ras
Character Race: Khajiit (Vampire [No longer Affected])
Character Sex: Male
Jo’Ras’ story begins with his conception in Elsyweyr. His skill with transmutation grew with him as he aged. He had an innate ability to transform himself into a pot and hide from pursuers. Many deals went south in Elsyweyr and he was forced to flee from his home land until things cooled down. He found his hideaway in Cyrodil in the town of Bravil where he took up with the thief’s guild. After a couple years of thievery he was apprehended by the officials. His escape was something even the gray fox would be proud of and he fled to the war torn land of Skyrim. There he found refuge in the Collge of Winterhold where he practiced transmutation. During his stay at the college he contracted the disease of the vampire. He was at first not aware of the disease, but then he came to know he had it when he became pale white. He transformed into a snow leopard like visage. He decided not to cure the disease because of the limited time he would have on the earth without it. Now with his compainions he has reclaimed his lost soul that was bound to a silver watch and has regained his status as a dragon.


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