The Dawnguard

The Dawnguard are a group of vampire hunters living and operating in Fort Dawnguard. You may join them to fight against Lord Harkon and his plot to blot out the sun. The Dawnguard was re-formed by Isran in order to combat the growing vampire menace in Skyrim, and initially only consists of Isran, Celann, and Durak when you arrive. As time passes (regardless of which faction you join), more people join the Dawnguard. The Dawnguard also keeps two armored huskies as war dogs, three armored trolls (tamed by Gunmar), and partially shelters several refugees who fled there for relief from the vampire scourge. However, the latter are not permitted to enter the fort itself.

Fort Dawnguard
The Dawnguard’s base of operations is the ancient Fort Dawnguard in Dayspring Canyon in the extreme southeast of Skyrim. Built in the Second Era by the Jarl of Riften, the castle served to contain the Jarl’s son after he became a vampire. To prevent his son from leaving the castle, the Jarl hired a group of mercenaries known as the Dawnguard, who extended their purpose to root out any vampiric presence in Skyrim. However, the group eventually had to kill their charge, forcing the Jarl to disband them and leave the fort abandoned. At some point in the Fourth Era, Isran, a former Vigilant of Stendarr, rediscovered and repaired the fort and reformed the ancient order.


  • Master Level trainers in Archery, Heavy Armor, and Craft.
  • Able to hire armored trolls for 500 gold

The Dawnguard

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