The College of Winterhold

The College of Winterhold is a faction that the player has the option of joining. It is Skyrim’s equivalent of the Mages Guild. The College is the only place in Skyrim dedicated to education and practice in the magical arts.
The secretive nature of the College mages and the Nords’ natural distrust of Magic have contributed to widespread distrust of the College and its members. The destruction of most of Winterhold in 4E 122 only worsened the situation, though no actual evidence exists to suggest the College’s involvement. The College’s leader, Arch-Mage Savos Aren, seems to be aware of the College’s reputation, but doesn’t seem too eager to do anything about it.

The threadbare Hold City of Winterhold has seen most of its population driven away. The center of life in these parts nowadays is the College of Winterhold. Once a prominent, influential location in Skyrim, Winterhold has fallen on hard times, but is still a haven for mages in Skyrim, a safe refuge from distrustful Nords. Largely self-sufficient, the College of Winterhold is quite content to be isolated from the rest of the province, although a more peaceful coexistence with the outside world is always preferred.
The College of Winterhold is situated on a cliff overlooking the Sea of Ghosts. Several years ago, much of the cliff fell into the sea, taking nearly all of the original city with it. Only a few buildings remain, though somehow the College of Winterhold has largely been untouched by the damage. It now resides on a free-standing pillar of rock and ice. Inside, the College is split into three distinctive towers: Halls of Countenance and Attainment, where apprentices and senior mages reside; and the Hall of the Elements, where the Arch-Mage resides, gatherings are held, and The Arcanaeum (the College’s great library) is kept. Below the College lies The Midden, a warren of icy tunnels where the remnants of long-forgotten experiments reside.


  • Master-level trainers in Illusion, Evocation and Transmutation.
  • Expert-level trainers in Enchanting and Conjuration.
  • Access to alchemy supplies, as well as an alchemy lab and an arcane enchanter.
  • Access to shopkeepers that sell various spell tomes.
  • Access to various skill books.

The College of Winterhold

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