The ancient home of the Nords, Skyrim, teeters at the brink of destruction. With the death of High King Torygg, the flood gates of civil war break loose, and brothers are slaying brothers across the frozen tundras and rocky crags. Many Nords wish to free themselves of the Empire’s grasp, which has been in decline since the Oblivion Crisis 200 years previous. Many others want to grasp upon the unity and safety offered by the Empire.

The Aldmer and Falmer occupied Skyrim until the late Merethic Era, when the final wave of Nordic immigration, led by Ysgramor, finally drove them out. Settlers from Atmora crossed the Sea of Ghosts and made landfall here many times, often clashing with those who had already established themselves. They often lived in harmony with the Aldmer, though sometimes clashed. Ysgramor’s clan, who dubbed the land “Mereth” after their elven neighbors, expanded their territory, and it continued to expand and contract by winning and losing territories in Morrowind and High Rock. Skyrim eventually weakened and separated into multiple states during the War of Succession, which was instigated by political quarrels following the assassination of King Borgas, the last of Ysgramor’s dynasty. It was eventually reunited, although some localities technically remained independent kingdoms. Henceforth the Moot was only convened when and if the High King died without direct heirs, which has occurred four times since. Skyrim engaged in multiple clashes with High Rock over its western Reach, a civil war involving The Wolf Queen of Solitude, an invasion of Cuhlecain’s kingdom of Cyrodiil, and wars with Hammerfell and High Rock during the Imperial Simulacrum. Redguards and Bretons are still giving resistance today, as The War of the Bend’r-mahk expanded Skyrim into territory traditionally held by Hammerfell and High Rock. Resistance is mostly encountered in the cities of Jehenna and Elinhir and along the border to those provinces. In 4E 201, the High King was killed, and for the first time since the Pact of Chieftains ended the War of Succession, a civil war could not be averted amongst the Nords.

Notable Places

The ruins of what was once the city of Bromjunaar the capital of the Dragon Cult, located in central Skyrim.

A port city in northern Skyrim.

A city in southern Skyrim.

Markarth Side
A city in western Skyrim, near the borders of Hammerfell and High Rock. Built by the Dwemer.

A city in southeastern Skyrim.

One of the most influential and wealthy counties in Skyrim, it is a rival of Winterhold located in northwestern Skyrim.

A city located in Hjaalmarch.

A city in central Skyrim. Its position in the center of Skyrim makes it a central trading hub, where much of Skyrim’s wealth accumulates.

A city in northeastern Skyrim, near the Dunmeth Pass leading into Morrowind. The oldest city in Skyrim that is still inhabited.

A once wealthy and influential county in Skyrim. Much of it was destroyed during the Great Collapse. It is heavily affected by Dunmer ways and ideas. It contains the Ysmir Collective, and the well known College of Winterhold. It is located in northeastern Skyrim.


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