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Tamriel The continent our campaigns will take place.

Skyrim An alpine province of mountain ranges and river valleys to the north of Cyrodiil, is home to the Nords.

Cyrodiil The cosmopolitan heartland of the Empire.

Black Marsh The swampy homeland of the Argonian race.

Elsweyr A sandy, jungle-filled area home to the Khajiit.

Hammerfell A sunbaked region to the northwest of Cyrodiil, is home to the Redguards.

High Rock A feudal patchwork of small baronies and large city states to the north of Hammerfell, is home to the Bretons.

Morrowind A varied region to the northeast of Cyrodiil, is dominated by the island of Vvardenfell and its volcano. The Dunmer call this province home.

Summerset Isle Actually refers to several islands to the southwest of Cyrodiil across the Abecean Sea. It is home to the Altmer.

Valenwood A densely forested area to the south of Cyrodiil, is home to the Bosmer.

The Thalmor

The Blades

The Companions

The College of Winterhold

The Thieves Guild

The Dark Brotherhood

The Imperial Legion

The Stormcloaks

The Bards College

The Dawnguard

The Volkihar Vampire Clan

The game’s Rules can be found here.

Main Page

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