Venture Though Tamriel

The quest for the Staff begins!

Through their various means of travel, our adventurers united at Labrynthian! In our party we have a Minotaur Monk named Sliepnir and a Giant Barbarian called Thoktor who hail from the land of High Rock, we also have a Khajiit Rogue by the name of Jo’Ras and a Green Dragon Druid called Anazi who hail from Elsweyr, a Human Rogue who calls himself Thadon who comes from Cyrodiil, an Umberhulk Barbarian with the name Uhuggalugga who took a wrong turn at Albuquerque and dug through the ceiling landing in front of the party, and an Elven Ranger who calls herself Ilo hailing from Valenwood. Through the course of exploring the ruins, the party has
  • Unleashed a nest of Giant Frostbite Spiders into Tamriel
  • Found a massive door with a bull’s head figure extruding from the middle of it…
  • Learned that the ruins were a place of religious worship, to what though, they haven’t discovered…
  • Found that the key for the ‘Bull Door’ has been moved to the Dwarven stronghold of Mzulft!



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