Venture Though Tamriel

Everyone loves side-quests

This week, our merry party of not so merry-people took a sojourn into side questing! We got a message from Jarl Balgruuf to clear out a cave of nefarious critters that keep harassing the trade caravans in Whiterun hold. After coming across a cave with a mysterious black veil in the entrance, we tried many a way to figure out what exactly it was. After the giant threw several whole trees in, an inhabitant emerged to tell us off. After blacking out and then awaking in the cave, we found ourselves in the ready room of a strange arena. We then proceed to fight through waves of spiders and vampires to return victorious.

This week the party

  • Was recognized by the Jarl of Whiterun
  • Has been abducted by a strangely powerful magi
  • Recovered an additional base of operations



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