Venture Though Tamriel

Cleaning House

This week, the party arrived at the Dwarves’ last stronghold, Mzulft. On the way there, the Giant, Throktor was killed by a bunch of Ents, the monk found a pair of bright white gloves, the Paladin was met by a majestic Unisus (imagine a unicorn with wings), they met a strange Wizard closely observing a destroyed carriage on the side of the road. But this was no ordinary carriage. This had weird lights and glowing glyphs and two, brightly glowing arrows fixed to the door. As certain members tried to approach the carriage, they found that they could not get anywhere near it, thanks to a divine ward placed upon it. After reading the inscription on the door, the deactivated the ward and the doors swung open. Through the doorway one could see a very bright room, approximately 15ftx15ft across. In the very center of this room, was a stone sarcophagus, with “Herein lies Massimo, the first, and most powerful of his unholy kind. I, Aegis Whitehearth, Paladin and Champion of Her benevolence Meridia, bound this foul creature forever to this other-worldly prison, as I did not have the power to destroy it. Aegis Whitehearth, 1E392” carved into the side facing the door. As one of the party members read this aloud, a very loud crack could be heard coming from the sarcophagus. Swiftly, the party retreated to a distance away from the carriage, onto the road. Whilst they were discussing their course of action, what sounded like an explosion came from inside the carriage. Turning to see what happened, the party saw a large, what appeared to be humanoid in shape, flew out of the top of the carriage, causing it to be strewn about all over the place. The creature landed in front of the party, declared it had no hostile intentions, but demanded that the party take it to the Vampire lord Harken. Nobody in the party knew any ‘Harken’, so they continued, hastily, towards Mzulft, with Massimo following. Upon reaching Mzulft, they were surrounded by a mix of Dwarven soldiers, clerics, paladins, drunks, and citizens. In the midst of these folk, was the Dwarven king, Aggrenor Mithrilhos. He told the party that their time was very convenient, and that an army of Drow had arrived to annihilate the Dwarves once and for all. To the right of the king, was a very round Dwarf fellow, with a bushy grey beard, and goggles on his face. To the left of the king was a very strong, and “good looking” Dwarven fellow, with a lute and a greatsword on his back. At this, the Vampire Massimo flew over to the kind, looking as intimidating as the day he spawned, addressed the king to discern the location of the Vampire lord Harken. The king knew of no such person, and said so. At that, the mighty gathering disbanded, and the fellow to the left of the king strutted over and introduced himself as Dovahkane the Smith. After a good introductory period, Dovahkane offered to join our band of merry men. He also offered to take the Wizard to meet a good friend of his. As the duo descended through the myriad of Dwarven tunnels and passageways, the turn a corner and find two Drow scouts, attempting to open a side passage. After quickly dispatching them, the pair approached the spot where the Drow where investigating. Dovahkane then proceeds to pull out a small 3 inch cube with several dials on it. He then dials in a set of numbers, then inserts the cube into a receptacle in the side of the doorway. A couple clicks, then a whizz, then a clank, and the door slid open with a whoosh. Inside, the pair find a very round Dwarf with a bushy grey beard, with goggles on his face, doing something on his workbench. After a couple throat-clears by Dovahkane, the Dwarf turns around, and introduces himself as Gunnar Harsk.

This week the party

  • Awoke an ancient evil, probably best left slumbering
  • Killed a good number of the Drow army (not just the scouts)
  • Navigated their way through a non-euclidean labyrinth
  • Found a gold-encrusted diamond the size of a pumpkin



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